XPRIZE Think Tanks are community-driven local groups that get together to share ideas, meet like-minded people, and collaborate together to make a practical difference in the world.

Think Tanks are more than just a dinner party with a presentation. They are a melting pot of ideas and people who work together to identify opportunities to solve problems.

Sharing InformaTIon • CollaboraTIng • Solving Problems • Networking • Social

What do think Tanks do?

XPRIZE Think Tanks are real local communities. We get together at local events to give and watch presentations, share information about new technology and challenges that face humanity, get to know each other and make connections, and importantly, discuss, explore, and collaborate together to make a shared difference.

Outside of in-person meetings we discuss and collaborate online to further and expand our discussions, work with other Think Tanks and the wider XPRIZE community, and more. It is a fun, rewarding, and inspiring place to be.

Join A Think Tank

All Think Tanks are free to join and participate in. Find the nearest one near you on the map below, or see our full list of XPRIZE Think Tanks.

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