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Change the World?

The XPRIZE Community is a global and diverse family with a core mission of working together to build a better future. We are creating a community where anyone with passion and talent can make a practical difference in changing the world. Come and help us shape it.

You don’t have to be competing in an XPRIZE to be part of our community. XPRIZEs are just one way of getting involved and we have many other ways of making a difference.

Who We Are

We believe that incredible things come out of communities who bring their talents and expertise together to solve problems.

We are a diverse and global family of contributors. We are entrepreneurs, software developers, advocates, designers, translators, and more.

What We Do

We have lots of ways of getting involved, including but not limited to:

Creating and joining XPRIZE Think Tanks to meet your local community, learn, and collaborate.

Create Open Source software to support the Global Learning XPRIZE and bringing literacy to kids.

Joining XPRIZE hackathons and events to build technology that can solve humanity’s grand challenges.

Help shape our community, our focus, how people can participate, and how we work together.

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