You can't read if you don't have light, we gave our literacy graduates a solar light in Kenya

dave sands

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Our project ( involved mitigating a real problem for subsistence farmers in Kenya. The problem was a serious yield reducing parasitic weed, Striga (witchweed). As we trained subsistence farmers, who tended our research plots of the, it became clear that the best graduation present for subsistence farmers simultaneously trained to read and to solve their agricultural problems, was solar powered lanterns, so that they could be further empowered by reading. Check out the Dave Sands

Thanks, @davidsands! I hope it’s OK if I share the video here you shared with me, so others can see? (You just copy-paste the YouTube URL in your post, and then the community automatically embeds it.)

Hi @davidsands! it sounds like a amazing thing that your doing for their communities. and thank you for the video @NickOttens, it was extremely informative.

If you wish to know where we are and where we are going let us know
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Thank you @davidsands ! Ill shoot you over a email now to get some more information