Winning Team Will

Winning Team Will Statement:
The winning team(s) will restore the largest area of coral reef in a two-year period, with a minimum of five hectares restored and at least three different genera of corals.

*What are the challenges to restoring at least five hectares in two years? Permitting, funding, deployment technologies, staffing, changing ocean conditions? Can small to medium sized teams achieve this goal? What do you think is the largest area that can be restored in a two year period? *

If funds are available we can restore any area in 2 years, even 100s or 1000s of acres.

Hi @mattmulrennan! I think the funds and the technology is definitely available for people to successfully restore 5 hectares of coral. The one aspect I worry about protecting the projects. The teams should come up with systems to protect the young coral from storms and hurricanes. As climate change becomes more extreme I worry that the preservation of these projects might present unseen challenges. But creating a plan for these instances, is crucial for the teams and projects. THEY GOT THIS THOUGH ??