Wildfire Prevention and Firefighting Technology

Wildfires burned 1.2 million acres in California in 2017, the following year it was 1.89 million acres. In 2020, there were almost 59,000 recorded wildfires in the United States with an estimated 10.1 million acres burned.
How might we better prevent and fight wildfires?

Certainly a serious challenge and a very relevant question. Part of it is about managing forests and natural cycles, and there’s also the part about restoration after fires. So prevention and firefighting technologies have to be part of a larger plan. However, the specific question of how to better prevent and fight wildfires, raises issues of timely prediction, rapid response, and innovative technologies that can contain wildfires once they are ignited. I strongly believe that we are in desperate need for innovative firefighting technologies.

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It’s a great issue. So great, in fact, that XPRIZE is already working on it at the moment. See -

So I don’t think we have much to contribute to that in the current prize design process.

That’s great! I hadn’t seen that announcement. Did the prize already launch?

Not yet, I believe we’re still trying to get it fully funded.

Have y’all ever thought about partially crowdfunding a prize pool?