Wider Participation in Space

It is inspired by the discussion in another thread: Space Tourism. The subdomain is suggested for ensuring that developing countries won’t be left behind in the future space exploration. A XPRIZE challenge designed for encouraging the development in space-relevant fields, such as space tourism, micro-satellites, rocket launch, etc. in developing countries might be considered.

@crointel If you never received the updates, you should probably ask @NickOttens for clarification here because as far as I am concerned, my Breakthrough on Space Tourism was among he five chosen for further discussion.
It would be wiser if you directed this discussion as a sub-section within the wider Breakthrough than seem to create a new breakthrough from my very own work and creation of my mind.

No matter which one is chosen, anyone can keep their interests in any topics interesting them. @NickOttens, Isn’t it?

Oh, yes! No worries. I think there’s overlap between this, space tourism, and space hospitality - and that’s fine. Apologies if the language in the newsletter was unclear, but there is no maximum, nor is there a limit on how many subdomains you can vote for. We would rather have too many ideas than too few.

So I think it’s helpful to keep this one separate. Think of space tourism as a sub-subdomain of “wider participation in space”.

It also has overlap with space junk and other application fields, existing or coming, however, with different emphasis. It actually suggests an inclusive and equal future in space with developing countries, which not necessarily involves specific application fields in its definition.