Who wins and who loses in a digital health system?

@stephaniel - Indeed privacy is a very important factor in digital health system. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Stephanie. Have you come across any app / platform, which has taken care of privacy factor successfully?

Hi @Shashi - I think it’s important to have multiple apps and platforms; that way the user can choose which to use for which services. Some users may prefer to have all of their health care handled through a single end-to-end health solution. Others may prefer to handle most of their care through this solution, but their mental health consults through a separate app, or their STD tests or pregnancy tests through a separate app. On the back-end, these apps could check to avoid duplicate prescriptions for frequently abused drugs (e.g., opioids) - and should notify users that they will check for that - but other than that should be firewalled to protect user privacy.

Unintended consequences of an end-to-end digital health solution
Many will not want to talk about it but one consequence is Female feticide.
Why: Because some countries still follow a system called dowry where the parents of the girl pay the boy’s parents a huge amount of money. This leads to a tendency of people wanting to get free money instead of giving money based on the gender of the child.
Unless care is taken where of completely either hiding or not collecting such gender health information from the partners during pregnancy this practice will continue in certain countries and innocent lives will be lost.

@reubenwenisch ~ Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for highlighting this important consideration.