What device should we use for testing onebillion and kitkitschool apps?

This is Pooyan from KCIS. We would like to deploy onebillion and kitkit school apps for a one to one comparison.

BLUF: What device (brand/specs) should we use as a benchmark?

It is mentioned in https://github.com/XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion/blob/master/BUILD.md that the files are generated for Google Pixel C which is a discontinued product. Kitkitschool has a minimum hardware requirement (Android Kitkat 4.4, 2GB Memory, 16GB Storage, Screen resolution 1280 x 800) according to http://kitkitschool.com/product/ and no specific device is mentioned as far as I understood.

We would like to test both apps on the same hardware specs with preferably the minimum requirements.

I’m in the same position as you. I see a lot of glossy video’s on both sites, but no technical information or how-to videos on to go about installing/building these software solutions. I can clone both GitHub repo’s but stuck what to do next.

One course seems a good solution, but different devices will need different Android image files to suit hardwares rquirements.

In my opinion both projects still need a lot of development work before they can achieve their objectives.

@CDavies Hello, Craig. Is your goal to install and test the software as-is? If so, APKs are available for download here:

  • https://github.com/XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-KitkitSchool/releases
  • https://github.com/XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion/releases

If, on the other hand, your goal is to compile the source code into APKs, please see the following instructions:

  • https://github.com/XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-KitkitSchool/blob/newmaster/INSTALL.md
  • https://github.com/XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion/blob/master/BUILD.md

We recommend that you don’t use Android filesystem images for building and distributing the software because that locks your software to only work on one device. Instead, you should compile APKs that can be installed on multiple types of Android devices.

@behnam Hi, Pooyan. Please ignore the “2. Building the Android filesystem images” section when building and installing the onebillion APKs. By using regular APK files instead of filesystem images, you won’t be restricted to use one particular Android device.

And note that the minimum SDK version for installing the onebillion app is API 22 (Android 5.1). See minSdkVersion in GLEXP-Team-onebillion/build.gradle at master · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion · GitHub

@jo_xprize download and installed onebillion app on android 8 device, but when I tried to open the app it did not work. Followed the instructions on the repo and built the app using grade but still got the same result. How does the assets get build into the apk.

So then I tried the kitkitschool apk’s. The launcher app opened and played the intro video, but even with the tool apps installed the main app couldn’t see them.

So need to go back to the drawing board and work out what I’m doing wrong.

@jo_xprize onebillion app I followed step 1 of the build instructions.

@CDavies Hi, Craig. When you say “step 1”, are you referring to step 1 under the section “3. Installing onecourse” at GLEXP-Team-onebillion/INSTALL-STANDALONE.md at master · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion · GitHub?

Did you complete step 2 (copying the assets) before launching the installed APK?

Hi Jo, yes I installed the app, then copied the assets over to the device, then opened the app and granted the permissions. I followed the instructions as laid out in the install guide exactly.


@CDavies Did you get any error message? Is it failing when you launch the app, or at some subsequent step? Would you be able to see if the ADB log output provides any useful information?

Hi, will look into it this evening.