Volker Sick, Ann Arbor, MI

Happy to join this community.
I serve as Director of the Global CO2 Initiative at the University of Michigan. (http://www.globalco2initative.org)

To help reduce atmospheric CO2 levels, we fund and conduct research to transform CO2 into commercially successful products using technology assessment, technology development and commercialization. The Initiative will identify and assist with economics understanding and policy levers needed to speed progress of carbon-based product deployment, while gauging public perception of and interest in these products.

Our guidelines for life cycle assessment and techno-economic assessment for CO2-based products were developed with partial support from the COSIA Carbon XPrize and will help to determine the winner of that competition.

Hi Volker @vsick - welcome, it’s great to have you in the Community! We have some new discussions in both Background and Current Landscape, so any input you have might have on those discussions would be great to see! We’ll be posting more on a regular basis.

Hello Professor @vsick. My name is James Burbridge, I’m working on CDR prize design for XPrize here in Los Angeles. The work of the initiative in Ann Arbor sounds fascinating. We’ve stumbled across a few exciting applications of CO2 in our early research, my favorites being supercritical CO2 as a garment dying solution and biocrude from kelp.

What new, groundbreaking CO2 applications are you most excited about in 2019 and beyond?