Virtual Consumption

Individually tailored optimal food experiences through augmented and virtual reality technology that creates sensory stimulations to realistically replicate tastes and textures of food. You could also virtually experience and follow the journey your food took to reach your plate.

The VR walk through the journey of food would be interesting a time or two… maybe. Surely NOT for animal agriculture. Especially any sausage factory tour!
I’m not sure of the real value of a sensory simulation; would we not be better to actually replicate what is seen as the ideal mouthfeel and taste? Then again, we have trained ourselves, just like I was trained/imprinted to enjoy a big block with a lumpy cam. (Muscle car motors for those who don’t suffer my “iron deficiency”/racing exposure) People in the future will be retrained/differently trained around most things I think.

@oliversanchez, @Friedman, @ChristineGouldTFF, what do you think?

Our full experience of taste is deeply linked to our sensory information smell, vision, touch, and even hearing, influencing those other senses with familiar aromas, shapes and colors, textures, or a noise like a satisfying crunches and you can trick how you perceive taste.
The a whole range of possible outcomes from this kind of virtual reality and food will be exciting as the technology could help feed people more sustainably by allowing for substitution and simulation of one food for another.

Project Nourished, launched in 2016 is already embedding of digital content over real food, beverage, and medicine (nutraceuticals products).
But given the advancements, it will remain a very expensive technology and will require decades of behavior change communication.

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