Tyre burning kills .

People and young children living in communities where they burn tires are exposed-to diseases like asthma. Even a nursing mother can transfer the pollution she inhales the little baby.
Even to the environment, three main effect are air, water and soil pollution.

How about recycling the used tires to make such a kraal for our animal, for example cattle.
Think about it.

@Duplicate thank you for pointing our attention to another challenge area! We at XPRIZE are hoping to frame the discussion around an efficient food system (production, distribution, and consumption) that is able to provide people with healthy sufficient diets while maintaining the environment or “within planetary boundaries”. These harmful practices along the value chain could very well be within our scope.

What are other such unconventional harmful practices by farmers, distributors, and maybe even consumers should we be aware of?

Another important question is what are unconventional USEFUL practices that would be achieve our purposes if they were to be implemented at a large scale. There’s a lot of indigenous knowledge that would be very valuable.