The INFEWH-ture Project - Informatics at the Nexus of Food, Energy, Water and Health

More people are dying of obesity related disease than starvation and malnutrition now. If we move the rising billion towards where the western world is, we will crush all global systems, led by the costs of healthcare. I pitched this for Feeding the Next Billion last year, and have a complete 19 page Impact proposal done and ready to present. The Future of Food bus is SUPER crowded, but there is one seat left for XPRIZE… the drivers! Everything you have done to date makes you the ideal leader to get the cacophony of global activity organized into a symphony!
I’ve been working on Zero Waste Agriculture 13 years, and was a 2017 Visioneer on the Clean Air team, as well as part of the 2018 Hackathon. I’m in SF for SynBioBeta on the 4th, so could drop down to LA quite easily. I know XPRIZE, and I know the landscape for the future of food.