The Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap Lab

On April 29th - 30th, XPRIZE held its Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap Lab.

This lab was conducted as part of the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap, sponsored by Sergey Young.

In this initiative, XPRIZE is studying the future of longevity to discover innovative and accessible ways to radically extend everyone’s healthy lifespan. For much of the last century, Earth’s population experienced tremendous increases in life expectancy. Is it possible to extend human lifespan even further, or reverse aging altogether?

At the lab, a total of 69 experts, academics, practitioners, and industry professionals participated in a series of sessions, across two days, to help achieve the following objectives:

    Align on the complex and overlapping social, technological, economic, environmental, and policy issues around human longevity Identify new, and validate existing, areas where the most effective breakthroughs can arise Prioritize the most viable breakthroughs Conduct a preliminary prize design workshop:

— Following a brief introduction to XPRIZE and Impact Roadmaps, the lab focused on interactive and collaborative activities that required bold, multidisciplinary thinking. These activities included:

Review and discussion of the Preferred Future State of longevity
Review and discussion of the Grand Challenges standing in the way of a preferred future
Demonstration of Spark Beyond’s AI research and ideation engine
Group generation of breakthroughs to accelerate a preferred future of longevity
Discussion of anticipated timeframe, audacity, and impact of longevity breakthroughs
Discussion and preliminary development of Future of Longevity Prize Designs

The lab yielded several important results:

  • Participants provided feedback on the six Grand Challenges identified by the XPRIZE team in collaboration with its crowdsourced expert community.
  • Participants provided feedback on the Preferred Future State of longevity and proposed changes to allow for a more nuanced and desirable representation of the desired future of longevity.
  • Participants engaged in small-group ideation activities to develop breakthrough solutions.
  • Participants took part in a prize design workshop to develop preliminary prize design ideas.
  • Participants shared insights on social, biological, economic, and technological dimensions of longevity to inform the XPRIZE team’s ongoing work.

Next steps:

  • Based on the lab’s outcomes, our team has already begun incorporating the generated insights into the Impact Roadmap and final report.
  • Members of the Future of Longevity community who did not attend the event are invited to evaluate the breakthroughs that were discussed.
  • Once the Impact Roadmap report is complete, XPRIZE will create the Future of Longevity Impact Roadmap website.
  • Based on the final list of Breakthroughs, the XPRIZE team will design and launch the Prize Idea Box: a crowdsourcing activity to further develop the identified breakthroughs into potential prize competitions.
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Looking forward to see how the Prize Idea will look like.