The Future of Food & Agriculture Workshop

Thanks to all participants, the WFP Innovation Accelerator, and our sponsors — the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, the International Development Research Centre of Canada, and the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research in the United States — for making the Future of Food & Agriculture Workshop in Munich, Germany this week a success!

Participants provided feedback on the three grand challenges XPRIZE has identified in The Future of Food Impact Roadmap:

  • Consuming and Producing Healthier Food
  • Creating Inclusive Food Supply Chains
  • Managing Food Systems within Environmental Limits

We heard from a panel of agricultural entrepreneurs in Africa and India. Our Chief Impact Officer, @ZeniaTata, gave a presentation on moonshot thinking. And teams designed their own prizes, from a circular economy XPRIZE to a competition to control our craving for unhealthy food.

We will share contents and takeaways from these various activities in the online community in the days and weeks to come, giving both the workshop participants and experts who did not attend a chance to continue the discussion.

We are also working to convert the “Pathways to Impact” session, for which we did not have time, into an online activity. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to say hello in this thread in order to connect with the other people who attended, and don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions about the community or need help.

All photos can be found here

Thank you all for coming to Munich with an open and creative mind and going on a fast-tracked XPRIZE design workshop with us!

It was really inspiring hearing all your wonderful ideas about how to bring forward a positive food future for our planet, farmers, and consumers everywhere!

Very excited to continue the conversation here and looking forward to the ‘Impact Pathways’ exercise.

hey everyone! for those of you who joined us in Munich - thank you!

for those of you in our global community, we’re hoping to continue the discussions here and as Nick noted are planning to convert one of our planned workshop activities into something we can conduct here on our community platform.

given all the news lately, experimenting with how to conduct virtual workshops, activities, and discussions couldn’t be more timely, so take a moment and dive into some of the other threads you see here in our food forum. thank you!

We’re calling the online version of the “Pathways to Impact” session, which we didn’t have time for at the workshop, Ideas for Prize Competitions.

We’re asking the online community to analyze the prize ideas you developed at the workshop from the perspective of six stakeholder groups:

  • Finance and investment
  • Culture and activism
  • Community builders and connectors
  • Multinational corporations
  • Policymakers and regulators
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators
  • When you put yourself in the shoes in one of these groups, how might your prize idea change? Are there things you would add, amplify, or modify?

    Click here to browse the prize ideas and share your insights!