The Charrette Process and Other Frameworks

The charrette process is used to facilitate collaboration and community input for facility development.

Are there any other frameworks you’ve come across that offer the same services? What are the pros and cons of using any of these?

Please share any comments, experiences, links, or ideas you may have!

We’re excited to get your expertise around this topic! @Rwyse, @samanthasuppiah, and @stevenfallon, do you have any initial thoughts (following up on some of your input in the digital processes for community participation thread)?

Absolutely, here I have a few examples of projects and businesses pushing those boundaries:

The key aspects for me in effective consultation are reliable information (quantitative and qualitative), expertise presence (e.g. conservation heritage, ecosystem services) and representative public engagement.

@samanthasuppiah You are a Rockstar!!! o:)

@bngejane haha thank you, I appreciate the compliment!