What would you or your organization like to take to create universal access to quality education? (in other words, what do you need?)

The following individuals provided answers to this question during our in-person workshop at the XPRIZE office on May 16th.

Eugine Chung, Enuma, Inc. (Kitkit)

  • Universal digital assessment (Tangerine)

Kate Radford, War Child

  • To share experiences with others and be given feedback
  • Funding

Jack Mostow, RoboTutor

  • Donors, especially for software development
  • Deployment partners
    Dr. Nikki Pitchford, University of Nottingham
  • Funding to conduct research (grants, studentships, resources)
  • To understand how we can improve practice to the benefit of the child

Kevin DeLand, RoboTutor

  • Deployment partners

Josh Powe, CCI/Pubbly

  • We would need additional financial support, PR, and local partners to support and extend our efforts

Annie Field, Developments in Literacy

  • We would like access to high quality content particularly in Urdu or with the option/support to translate the content into Urdu
  • We would like the ability to make our program adaptive to individual learning needs

George Mulamula, Technovate Advisory Services TZ

  • An innovation developing community to develop problem solving solutions in Tanzania

All other members of our community, please post your answer to this question here as well!

We would like access to your project plan and knowledge base for localization and deployment. Given your experience was augmented with working closely with the software companies behind the application, we would like to know if localization is possible by third party. For example, if OneBillion or Kitkit must be involved in localization process, how do we get on their strategy planning.

@MarjanM See https://community.xprize.org/learning/discussion/comment/1559#Comment_1559

Hi @daniel_miller I love all the points that were made during the xprize workshop. I would add to the conversation that I believe the story behind education also needs to change. Children in the US at least, have the idea in their head since they were young that they must learn to pursue a career or a certain field of expertise. But if you were able to promote a story that is surrounded by children naturally learning and pursuing fields that they did not believe were to far out of reach; I believe people contributions to society and their communities would improve. I believe a free learning environment always people to find a passion within themselves at a much higher rate then the traditional idea of education.

Would love your thought ??? & thank you for allowing me to be a part of the conversation