Tablet Usage Data in GitHub

Hi, all. At you will now find datasets that contain information about how the tablets were used during the Tanzania field test. As well as a link to corresponding data visualizations.

For example:

  • The number of tablets actively used in each village per week.
  • Storybook events.
  • Video events.

These datasets have also been uploaded to each team’s page at

Hi @jo_xprize ! I got the chance to look through the data sets and I think the results are extremely positive in my opinion. Even though the initial rate of engagement decreases, as the semester progresses, this problem could easily be improved through the use of educational games, and goal driven learning. It hard for me to speculate on what pattern of engagement time would be best, but any education service that is allowing people to learn at their own desire, I believe is always beneficial… and I would guess trying to maximize that engagement would be good. But I am also concise that obligations that people might have to their families and communities, which are also essential to these communities success.

Also I think the community speaks for itself, through motivational song being the most opened video for the onebillion team.

Overall I think this project is amazing, and could benefit so many communities so many ways, even unimaginable way.

Would love any thoughts you have? and keep doing amazing things ??