Submission criteria

Round A submission criteria (when teams would submit proposals for clinical trials; learn more about the proposed phases of the competition here) would include:

  • Having the financial means to conduct a clinical trial
  • Business plan (raising funds, establishing pathway to eventual revenue)
  • Detailed treatment plan for the clinical trial
  • Résumé of all team members

Having an intervention that is:

  • Scalable
  • Innovative
  • Safe and ethical

We are still drafting judging criteria for Round C, when qualifying teams would conduct their clinical trials.

Please share your feedback and ideas on judging criteria here!

@Joanne, @barryflanary, @mikeant, @rudihoffman, what are your thoughts on these judging criteria for an age reversal prize?

@nic, @stuartmaudsley, @Masa, can I also ask your input on these submission criteria for an age reversal XPRIZE? Is there anything you would add or change?