Space Tourism

I think that’s wider, and should be proposed separately. Wider participation in space could include everything from space tourism to commercial space travel to micro-satellites…

No. We have a huge problem to solve in earth travel. After solving that, we may have the materials to use space tethers to do space travel without rockets.

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@ErnieRogers I know what Andy Weir and the likes had proposed is something similar to the use of space tethers and I also acknowledge the fact that the current technology we have is far from making space tethers a reality. However, my breakthrough does not suggest that we make use of space tethers nor to introduce anything further than what the current technology can offer.
What I do propose here is to support developing countries in their Space agendas, which will see them rise to equal the other already developed nations.
If this push makes these developing countries discover that they can use the already existing resources, like Kenya’s Equatorial Range, and easily develop the space tethers or any other far-fetched hypothetical idea, so be it.
After all, we are all in this together and the space economy is so diverse. What we ought to do is encourage partnerships and not rivalry. That is how we shall all rise to become a space-faring species.

The African Space Race - Kenyan Space agenda.
… “Therefore harnessing the potential of the space industry by African states, requires deliberate investment in both the upstream and downstream segments of the sector. Collaboration through foreign funding and public-private partnerships presents an opportunity for the development of Space systems and infrastructure. The private sector can also be supported to make such front investment”


Fantastic! This approach looks highly promising for the future of space exploration.

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@Jesse_Nyokabi Welcome. We now move to the “Challenges” phase under Challenges and Opportunities in African Space Tourism

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