Space Tourism

Africa cannot afford to remain a net importer of space technologies. African nations can and should be fully in the pilot’s seat of their individual and collective space ambitions, setting their own trajectory to capture the benefits they define and desire. As new and established space enterprises launch innovative initiatives and services, African nations and their citizens will see benefits across the continent.

One of the African countries that is set to benefit most is Kenya. The space programme of Kenya has been largely shaped by Kenya’s Equatorial Range, and has basis of existed foreign infrastructure and experience. As quoted by Andy Weir in his book ‘Artemis’, “One of the biggest impediments to the commercial space industry right now isn’t technology, its policy, I’ve listened to the things that commercial space companies have said and the consistent thing that pretty much everybody says is, it is such a pain in the ass to deal with the policies. That’s always their biggest problem. Kenya, however, doesn’t really have such rules, which could make it the perfect place to base an enormously expensive lunar-launch facility”.

Famous for its savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands., Kenya is also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania’s 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Our hope and desire is to partner with the government in reviving the space industry in Kenya. We are a Youthful community of space enthusiasts focused on the space sector through forming partnerships to either deliver individual projects, communal or those of the Kenya Space Agency. Soon enough, we shall enroll in a National Space Activity aimed at bringing the space family together. Through this, the registered groups are assured of support in their projects as they will as well be used to run the main projects under this partnership project.

We intend to establish Mentorship Programmes for gifted/talented children/teens and youth. Or better still, facilitate in purchasing/being leased land for the purpose of research, training on matters of astronomy/space etc. Also, space/conference hall for meetings/talks and conferences about the same subject. Safe space for startup, space look-alike/simulation room would come in handy.

As per our mandate, we empower the youth through STEM education. It would be of benefit to us if we could have a Mentorship Programmes for gifted/talented children/teens and youth. To achieve our mission, we intend to:
• Serve as a catalyst for identifying and implementing the best practices for teaching highly able youth
• Advance public knowledge and understanding of the need to enable and nurture society’s most able-minded students
• Support the needs of highly able youth by training teachers, informing parents, and identifying and soliciting the participation of mentors for exceptionally gifted students
• Create partnerships with individuals, foundations, non-profit organizations, businesses, and universities to support the development of highly able students who will advance society as a whole
• Encourage each gifted student to pursue his or her full intellectual and personal potential and develop respect for individual differences
• Take a leadership role in policy-making for gifted youth throughout the nation

Kindly support us and let us take you on an African safari.


I like the general theme of this sub domain! Space tourism is definitely an important aspect of space exploration. I wonder, though, if the sub domain should really be so local in nature. Maybe we can redefine it as - “advancing developing nations’ investment in space exploration”?

@Roey Thanks for the insight. We actually can. My concern however is, if this paper goes through to even funding, which developing nation should benefit?

@mashizaq - Maybe we can leave that question to the designers of the competition, as well as for stakeholders from the developing world. There isn’t much point to trying to advance Kenya’s space industry, for example, if the Kenyan government is not highly involved and pushing such projects forward.

So it’s quite possible that this kind of a competition would only include developing nations who are willing to actively take part in it and support the initiatives proposed.

@Roey Who said that the Kenyan government is not highly involved in pushing such projects forward? May I kindly inform you that the government is very much involved and in a number of ways;

  1. Kenya has its very own Space Port located in Malindi (in the coast of Kenya)
  2. Late last year, the Kenya Space Agency launched its 5 year Strategic Plan
  3. To date, Kenya has launched 3 satellite, with the current one ‘SIMBA’, having been launched in March of this year. The WildTrackCube SIMBA - System for Improved Monitoring of the Behavior of Animals - is an innovative tracking system that will enable them to monitor wildlife in Kenya’s national parks and study animal behaviour.

As you can see, non of these would be happening if the Kenyan government was not part and parcel of the progress.

@mashizaq -
I apologize if my intent wasn’t clear. I did not mean that the Kenyan government is not involved or is not promoting space-related projects. I meant that as a rule of thumb, XPRIZE competitions would most probably be held in collaboration with governments. It sounds like Kenya would be a fantastic partner in such a partnership.

@Roey We all have a right to express ourselves here and everyone’s point is valid, so there is actually nothing to be sorry about.
I totally agree with you. Yes, the collaboration should be with governments and yes, Kenyan government might not be having the resources to promote space-related activities.
It is for this reasons that I plead with you to side with me and help me push for the selection and development of this breakthrough.

Absolutely. Let’s push this one forward!

@Jesse_Nyokabi Time to support a brother. Kindly support this breakthrough to get it to the next round.

@NickOttens Thanks for listing this breakthrough as a potential subdomain under the Global Visioneering program

Sure am behind you all through!

@Roey I support you on developing countries. Kenya can stand out to show the way and lead other developing countries.

@mashizaq let me know how I can assist you.

@Jesse_Nyokabi Thanks

@Jesse_Nyokabi Our mission here is to support this Breakthrough pass all the phases of the Global Visioneering program by imagining a “Preferred Future State” for the $10M prize.

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Thanks for all. Will do so, definitely.

Will using “Wider Participation in Space” be more precise to describe the discussion?
Or it’s supposed to be another subdomain?

@crointel Kindly, your vote counts even as we wait for your concerns to be addressed.

Have voted already. Thank you

@NickOttens It’s a ‘GO’ for me. I totally agree for XPRIZE to focus on space tourism.