Space Hospitality

There is a definite need to increase the laypeople’s interest in space. Astronomical revelations, obtained using highly-sophisticated and expensive telescopes in space, just aren’t exciting enough for the general public. We need to take a different approach if we want to incite excitement in the hearts of the common men and women, and eagerness to make it to outer space.

How can we do that? Space hospitality is the answer.

There is one common feature to hotels in near-Earth orbit or high-Earth one, or even hotels (or just single rooms) on other planetary bodies like the Moon. They all, in the end, are meant to host people from all levels of society and wealth. Perhaps not in the start, but at some point these space hotels will cater for everyone, even if that will be the trip of a lifetime.

So - if you want to support space exploration and promote humankind’s excitement about space, Space Hospitality should be the sub-domain of choice for you. Vote for it if you agree!

@Roey We are all in this together. Even the laypeople. I totally agree with you. Space for all mankind… Ad Astra

Amen to that, @mashizaq.

Wondering how you think about the threats of space junk which may grows significantly in the near future, when we image the future fantastic space hospitality and tourism. A small object travelling in a high speed may critically hurt a space hotel.

That’s a valid point. I would suggest that elimination of space junk should be a sub domain all on its own.

Would you like to open it as a new sub domain, or should I?

Sure, I would create a new post about it, but take some time to formulate the post.

Fantastic. Thank you. I would love for your name to be on it, so that it’s clear who came up with the idea :slight_smile:

The new post: Space junk :grinning: