ShwayComs cg-s4 : Kenta - pneumatic battery / capacitor for variable source energy platforms

Currently 2019 i apply myself as a logistician and innovator 2008 towards which i am working conscientiously. My introduction to the sciences began at an American international school later to be formally documented with exams by a British institute of education participating along the framework of ordinary and advanced level certificate granting body; I have a basic education in combined sciences. I went on to study business book keeping and then back later on to technical theoretical at masters level studying logistics transportation post graduate level here in Scandinavia at Chalmers University Of Technology.

Having been documenting, inventing things for several years now, some of my early patent applications “Millennium-Era” were a great fascination for me from start; also I took part in NASA Glenn’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics initiative BPPP in 2002 post graduate studies. You could say that my bearings are coming steadfast to the earth and a more understandable approach at inventing something intelligible by others. Work experiance in field include petrochemical ndustry - plastics manufacture and transport logics.

I would like to propose Kenta 4.3 in 2019 :—pneumatic-battery-capacitor/1.2.00-PT—Pneumatic-Battery-Capacitor.pdf

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