Save the forests via natural in situ enrichment of Native science

I can see top challenges solved with a single, proven strategy currenly successful in California for small entrepreneurial farms (t make $100k per acre, too using the very popular annual subscription method for local buyers! ) where farmers are able to maximize small organic 5 - 8 acre farms with no-till methods that constantly restore the soil and habitat with Natural habitat as the guiding wisdom, just like a natural forest does. This is known to Native Americans as Native Science, using tried and true Native Science Earth wisdom practices which has been successful for milennia. I think that awareness of no till farming and using current lands in a more efficient way is a viable alternative for rural farmers, avoiding the current practice of expanding clear cutting and further deforestation. The issue of awareness, enriching and using current lands and enriching them would require education and cooperation, but it would offer challenges an economical and immediate use answer. By eliminating further destruction and enriching current land use, these problems will be historical ones.

Two causes of deforestation are corruption and of course agriculture at large scale which is also sponsored by corruption. I believe we have to changes peoples way of think and that can be done through education. It is important to teach people about the importance of the forest and how their daily actions (consumption) affected the forests.

In continuation of my earlier comment in general discussion, I think that if timber is costlier than Ferrocement, the problem of CORRUPTION would automatically cease to exist.

Thanks for getting the discussion going here Janet Lee! No-till farming is a very interesting suggestion.

@Sandra - have you seen any examples of really strong education programs?