"Reinventing Aging: An Update on the Longevity Dividend"

S. Jay Olshansky recently posted an update on his 2006’s concept of Longevity Dividend. Very interesting read. What do you think?

Here are the two concluding paragraphs:

Evidence in models ranging from invertebrates to mammals suggests that all living things have biochemical mechanisms influencing how quickly they age, and these mechanisms are adjustable. It is possible—by dietary intervention or genetic alteration—to extend life span and postpone aging-related diseases such as cancer, cataracts, cognitive decline and autoimmune diseases (for further reading on adjusting biochemical mechanisms, click here). Precisely which of these models will eventually be deployed as a delayed-aging intervention in humans has yet to be established, but at least delayed aging has been demonstrated as a plausible method of improving public health.

Slowing down the processes of aging—even by a moderate amount—will yield dramatic improvements in health for current and future generations. Advances in the scientific knowledge of aging may thus create new opportunities that allow us, and generations to follow, to live healthier and longer lives than our predecessors.

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