Reducing Food Waste

A lot of food is wasted. In fact, in the United States, Americans, on average, waste 25 percent of their food. How might we reduce, reroute, and/or reuse this massive amount of food waste?

Absolutely agree! I think this should be one of the top subdomains in food.

I think it’s a great point, and should definitely be considered as one of the leading sub-domains in this field. So much food is being produced today, with so much of it going to waste.

@lancemcneill -
Is there any reading material on this matter that you would recommend? Any organizations that are already trying to mitigate this issue?

I agree food waste is a really important issue. But is it a subdomain? In our Future of Food Impact Roadmap we called it out both as an environmental and an equity problem. However, we grouped it as a challenge under “Managing Food Systems within Environmental Limits.” So i guess the question(s) that i think we need to answer is/are: how and why food waste is a problem? And by “food waste” do we mean food waste at consumption, or also food loss during production?

The latest food waste index report 2021:

Thank you, @crointel. That’s bound to be useful!

Which parts of the report would you reommend we focus on, to support the importance of this sub domain?

Reusing food waste or waste food to generate energy, fertilizers or other useful products, therefore, benefit circular economy?

ReFed is doing great work in this area: Food Waste Recycling Analysis, Reduce Food Waste & Food Recovery - ReFED

Thank you. We’ll look into that!