Rapid and Precise Diagnostics

Identifying and supporting technology driven efforts that democratizes affordable diagnostics.

This one seems especially critical considering the state of the world today.

A wothy suggestion. I wish to highlight the sub-domain of early diagnosis, especially of chronic diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Diabetes, Arthritis and others.
Affordable diagnostics can tarnsform medicine fromeactive, i.e. responding to disease symptoms, to preventive - intervening to avoid disease.

Isn’t this one of your fields of expertise? Are there any directions in this field that you think we should pay special attention to?

Several potential directions:

  1. Early diagnostics of certain diseases for enabling early interventions -> Early Medicine
  2. Non-invasive methods for diagnosing certain diseases -> Non-invasive Diagnostics
  3. An one-pot solution for diagnosing a bunch of diseases -> One-pot Diagnostics

Yes! This is the logical future. When can I order my tricorder? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Roey Yes, this is an area in which I am active. I believe that technology can make wide population screening more cost-effective that reacting to symptoms of disease. People call it “Stage 0 Medicine”. In most cases the interventions required to lower risk factors for chronic disease are associated with life style.
From a technology perspective, multi-omics based diagnostics is the key.