Profit Potential

In addition to the metrics listed in our first Metrics discussion (link here), we are also interested in potentially evaluating teams based on their ability to utilize carbon to generate profit.

What is your recommendation for the exact profit metrics we could score teams on here?

Some possibilities include:

  • Realized revenue in the course of a 3 year prize
  • Market size of products teams can create
  • Volume of CO2 in a given product
  • Are there other possibilities we should consider? What metrics do you think should be considered?

Let us know any comments, thoughts, or questions you might have in the comments below!

Co2 capture/sequestering profits could be derived from a subscription-fee revenue stream where the cost structure is cost-driven. In addition to carbon credits and CO2 reduction metrics, the subscriber (country, state, corporation or individual) could receive PR goodies like press-release etc.

Thank you for your comment, @CO2Cap_SysEng! Team registration for XPRIZE Carbon Removal will open April 22. In the meantime, you may be interested in another prize we’re designing with IEEE to drive breakthrough concepts towards new systems for the equitable and resilient generation, storage, transmission, and distribution of renewable energy. Click here to learn more, and feel free to join the discussions!