Potential Partners

We’re about to lock down our list of potential partners! If you have any recommendations, please share them in the next few days.

We’re interested in:

Team Recruitment Partners, who could help recruit teams that want to compete in the prize. For example, a university, or network of universities, with departments that are particularly strong and renowned in the field of the competition.

Team Success Partners, who could help provide teams with the resources they need to succeed; Team Success Partners may provide mentoring, business planning services, marketing assistance, use of software or Application Programming Interfaces (API), or monetary investment.

Operational Partners, who could help with resources that can be used to execute successful field tests during the competition. Areas that partners might assist with include providing testing facilities, equipment, expertise, travel costs, or hands-on assistance during testing and validation.

Scaling Impact Partners, who could help make sure the digital health solution developed in the competition become widely available; this partner may help us provide distribution channels, monetary investments, additional testing opportunities or access to new markets.

Amplification Partners, who could help us spread the word, enabling XPRIZE to engage a global audience. Partners in this space may co-lead conferences, provide speaking opportunities, or leverage other distribution channels to build awareness of the problem.

• What are some examples of organizations that would be ideal partners for Frontline Health XPRIZE?
• Which partners do you think are essential for Frontline Health XPRIZE?

We’re also interested in partners who could help us raise awareness about this competition!

Hi @ymedan, @mashizaq, @bngejane, @shamakarkal, @ajchenx, @pglass, @preciouslunga, @RKadam, @Hlantum, @tylerbn - please let us know if you can recommend any organizations or individuals who could be any of the above mentioned potential partners.

@Shashi I understand that the Aga Khan and Karen Hospitals in Kenya have something similar to this. Kindly consult them and see how we can partner.

Thanks @mashizaq for promptly recommending partners. Any idea which type to partnership they would be interested in?

@Shashi I’m not sure on the kind of partnership they might be interested in. This is something both teams will have to work on. What I know is that they have a similar program on AI and the likes. I just thought that maybe they can lend a hand in some way

I would approach MassChallenge HealthTech (MCHT), as well as StartupHealth, as partners

@Shashi I would be interested in helping with recruiting teams in China. It is high priority to strengthen Frontline health care in rural and poor areas. There must be teams in China working on innovative ways to solve this problem. Not sure how time is required for being an individual partner.

Thanks @ymedan for the recommendations.
@ajchenx - Awesome! it would be lovely to have you as the recruitment partner. We’ll connect with you later when we are about to launch the prize with more details. Thank you.

Hi @SArora, @RahulJindal, @addy_kulkarni, @Nitesh, @rajpanda, @jonc101, @reubenwenisch, @MachineGenes, @dollendorf, @kenjisuzuki, @Kwenz - Curious to know if you have some recommendations for potential partners of this prize. Thanks.

I could think of the Wadhwani Foundation for the success partners - you’d need to reach out to them though - especially if this is a non-profit project.

Thanks @srinisatyan for recommending Wadhwani Foundation. We’ll get in touch with them.

Hi @joshnesbit, @dpatterson22, @biki, @arun_venkatesan, @Nvargas2, @skornik, @Easin32746, @a1m2r3h4, @mhackett, @namkugkim, @stephaniel - please let us know if you can recommend any organizations or individuals who could be any of the above mentioned potential partners.


You can chat to the following folks:

  • Team Recruitment Partners: [Peniel Impact Investment](https://www.penielimpact.com/)
  • Team Success Partners: [Peniel Impact Investment](https://www.penielimpact.com/)
  • Operational Partners: ??
  • Scaling Impact Partners: [Exemplars in Global Health](https://www.exemplars.health/)
  • Amplification Partners: [Exemplars in Global Health](https://www.exemplars.health/)
  • Thanks @bngejane for being interested in team recruitment and success partner and also for recommendations. We’ll connect with you in the pre-launch phase.

    Hi @aassif_lg, @meallen3, @Lauren, @kevinnicholasbaker, @jblaya, @Mellie64, @C_Castellaz, @acowlagi, @care2communities, @Vishalgandhi, @Manoj_Nemocare, @kakkattil, @kkatara, @vipat, @Debbie_Rogers and @siimsaare - If you know any organizations or individuals who could be any of the above mentioned potential partners, please share it with us. Thanks.

    thanks Shashi, we (@UNAIDS and @HIEx health innovation exchange) can certainly support on the amplification part and on team recruitment as we work with a range of accelerators in the health sector. Would recommend social alpha India and Impact Hub Geneva as a potential success partners

    @Shashi @HeatherSutton Forbes Africa and Philips will convene CEOs, government and young professional in the South African healthcare sector for The Future of Health; an exclusive online summit that will uncover insight into new strategies, technologies and partnerships needed to help professionals overcome limited human and financial resources to transform South Africa’s healthcare.

    Just thought of inviting you for this event. Hope it adds value to the project.

    Villgro is incubating enterprises in East Africa, India+ and Philippines and around.
    We can be part of the success team and scaling team
    Please let me know details - happy to discuss

    Thanks @kakkattil for being interested in helping us with team recruitment and amplification of the competition. Also we’ll connect with the firms recommended by you.

    Thanks @mashizaq for sharing details of the Future of Health Summit. We’'ll definitely attend it.

    Thanks @arun_venkatesan for offering to be Success and Scaling partner. We will connect with you in the prelaunch phase of the competition.

    Team recruitment: I would use existing networks. I can, for example, give introductions to African Leadership Institute, Mulago Foundation (who is part of a broader network of philanthropists in the US called Big Bang Philanthropies), and Yale World Fellows.

    Team success: Big Bang Philanthropies have been helping social orgs scale for many years and may have mentors or resources in their network. I would also look at big tech support programmes (I have participated in an IBM one, I know Google has one, etc)

    Operational and Scaling: Depends on country and product. In South Africa, happy to offer our public-private network of 450+ clinics and growing.

    Following are my recommendations:
    Recruitment and success:

    1. Villgrow (presence in both South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa)
    2. Microsoft/amazon for start-ups
    3. Start-up India Programme (for India) but there can be a similar government programme in other nations too.
    4. Mobile network provides like Jio or airtel. With COVID 19 many of them are launching their own healthcare platform and have accelerator programmes too.

    For Ops, Scale and amplification:

    1. PATH, CHAI, Jhpiego- Clinton health (They have a presence in most of the developing countries and working with the state and federal government and most probably might be running a digital health programme already.) Both of them have really high reputation globally in public health which can be a good thing for scaleup in other geographies where PATH and CHAI work as an advisor to the government. These guys are expensive though.
    2. You can directly partner with the government itself, for example, Ayushman Bharat Programme in India and other countries’ health department would be happy to part in this programme if they are not occurring a cost and this partnership enhances their brand name. This can be done both at the state and federal level.