Potential Judging Criteria for Round One

@HeatherSutton Thanks. It’s been a pleasure working with this team. Let’s take this project home. I promised @Shashi to provide a region for trial and help during the test phase, something I’m still focused on delivering.

**What should their written proposals contain for the first round of judging? **
**What elements must the written proposals include? **
Problem and need, Solution, team and current status including baseline information. (each should be less than 250 words)
How will those elements be evaluated by the judges?
There has to guide document for judges to use harmonised criteria. Some of the criteria can be of criticality (does intervention impact the mortality or quality of life or, frequency, time to impact (is the intervention be lifesaving immediately to it requires years of systematic changes). Many times different experience and understanding of judges can rank a single application differently. Some judges are strict and some are bit easy which can put a bias in the results. For judges, there can be a section to explain the reason for scoring which can be further evaluated by the Xprize team specially for the boundary and highest-ranked proposals.
**How long should we give the teams to write their proposals? **
3 months is more than enough.
I hope this would help.

Thanks @Nitesh for sharing details on the judging criteria.