Population Growth and Size

This spans Climate and Health: population growth and population size. Is this something we should think about in the context of those domains, and if so to what end?

Population growth is slowing, from a peak of 2.1 percent in 1968 to about 1.1 percent per year. The projection is that we’ll reach almost 10 billion people by 2050.

As countries get richer, parents have fewer children. Fertility rates are projected to fall or stabilize in every continent over the course of this century.

By 2040, which is the year we’re visioning for, how - if at all - should the issue of population size factor into our thinking?

@poulain, can I ask your opinion on this, as a demographer? It also intersects with our discussions about life extension, which I know you’re an expert in as well.

Hi @DidierC, @Terenceericson and @ErnieRogers - What are your thoughts on the relationship between the three Population Growth and Health and Climate? How does the size of the population effect health and climate?

Hello Shashi. Sorry I didn’t answer yet. Also this is a very large question. Of course a too fast-growing population is not sustainable (global warming, not enough resources…). But the population is growing less (contrary to what people think intuitively) in countries where people are living longer and healthier lives. The population is growing fast in sub-Saharan countries not in Europe, Japan and China. So, in very short, the solution for population and climate is easier with more health. And if people know they will live longer, they will be more careful with the climate.

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Thanks @DidierC for sharing your thoughts. In order to understand this topic further, we would like to know what challenges we might face to increase healthy life expectancy of people.