Phyco-remediation of Wastewater

Phyco-remediation of wastewater is the most sustainable and economical solution.

Wastewater treatment requires consumption / removal of nutrients, production of oxygen and utilization of the carbon in the wastewater.

Phytoplankton do all these, they consume nutrients and produce Oxygen and CO2 during photosynthesis.

Therefore Phyco-remediation, i.e., use of Phytoplankton, will enable small scale decentralised treatment of wastewater close to the source.

@bhaskarmv, thank you for sharing your insights. While we wish to remain solution-agnostic in designing prize competitions, this is a very fascinating and promising direction, especially as we seek to drive sustainability. Would you mind sharing additional thoughts about these issues in relevant discussions? i.e., Energy-Water nexus, (and how it relates to cost)