Open Source, Historical & Realtime Planetary Food Information System

Linking satellite-based remote sensing data on farmland with an AI supported data platform that includes all agriculture production research to diagnose food systems problems and recommend action.

The end product could be a handheld technology that can be used by farmers, manufacturers, and consumers to support sustainable food system decisions. (For example, how much water a farmer would use per crop per specific sq. meter/acre.)

This misses that we will need to decouple land and food production. It is not feasible, or even desirable that we will continue to use terribly inefficient open field production methods as we do now. Look at Calysta for example, who is doing methane to protein. Look to a plant called duckweed (the dutch call it “water lentil”… SO much better!) Meet the Plant-Based Protein Poised to Sustainabilize the Food Industry - Sustainable Brands
LOADS of people/groups are working on some aspect of this. We did work cleaning wastewater for a tilapia farm, in trays, under lights, and learned a lot! <48 hours doubling, and >32% protein from wild harvested seedstock. Overall for this idea (Planetary Food Information System) much is being done already with GIS mapping, so an XPRIZE is not needed.

Thanks, @ACESChris!

@ratha7777, @bhaskarmv, @HelgaDF, I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on this topic as well. Do you think this is a potential breakthrough we should look into more? Or do you agree with Chris that it’s not forward-looking enough?

Hello Nick - it is good to explore new innovative and breakthrough. However, more detail info needed in order to evaluate the idea.

My suggestion is that - can you develop more channel for communication and sharing - Like Linkedin Group or/and WahtApp Group, so that it could easier to share and communicate and expand the members as the platform are using by many agri- expert as well.

Thank you very much - that is my suggestion if it is not work from your side due some restricted condition or issues. It is just an idea.

Thank you for the suggestion, @ratha7777. It’s not something we’ll be able to do short-term. Know that the community platform is mobile-friendly, though, so you should be able to browse and post from your mobile device.