OneCourse Community Lesson Progression

I’ve read about the one course community app lesson progression being visualized by the colored dots at the top of the screen. I’m seeing a behavior in the app that seems to go against the expected.

The dots at the top of the screen are perminantly all colored, as opposed to the expected behavior of the dots being initially grey, and one dot becoming colored for each week of study.

Could anyone please give insight into the lesson progression and the colored dots.

FYI: I am using the release apk on Amazon fire HD 7 tablet. The users are my twin 6 year old sons, studying in Thailand.

@JamesFerrer Hi, James. For context, would you mind sharing some information on how you installed the onebillion application? Did you download and install the app-enGB_community_-distribution.apk file from Releases · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion · GitHub? Or did you compile the source code into an APK yourself?

And, if possible, could you share a screenshot (or just a photo of the tablet’s screen)?

To my knowledge, the onebillion app unlocks new learning units on a daily basis. And this daily unlocking mechanism is initiated the day the application is first launched: GLEXP-Team-onebillion/ at master · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion · GitHub. Perhaps there was a period in-between you launching the app for the first time, and when your sons started using it?

Thank you @jo_xprize !

  1. I installed the app-enGB_community_-distribution.apk from Releases · XPRIZE/GLEXP-Team-onebillion · GitHub

  2. I do notice the lessons changing daily, but not the colored dots at the top of the screen changing weekly.

  3. Here is a photo

Thank you for your comments and help.