OK, folks, who is willing to help?

Hi, All,

Wonderful meetings yesterday and lots of energy for this prize. The big question: who is willing to put their time where their mouths are? :slight_smile:

If you are interested in helping, share what you would like to do here.

What specific tasks does the team need help or support with? Is it just ideas and answers to the questions posed in the forums, or something more substantial? Let me know as I’d be interested in participating in a variety of ways. Thanks.

More than willing to share what my experiences are re the implementing part in Tanzania, as well as connecting anyone who is interested in my private and public sector contacts in Tanzania (and Senegal), to create universal learning for everyone.

Hello!! I am willing to help! Tell me how. I want to get this working in Honduras!

@Jordan All of the above. This community is meant to be a digital convening for people to share ideas and answer questions, but also to find other members of the community with whom they can tangibly work together to develop desired solutions. All of the ideas and/or solutions are not meant to come directly from us at XPRIZE, we want the members of this community, like you or @mehandal, to come to this forum and find the individuals they need to localize and deploy this software in Honduras (for example).

Thank you Daniel, I want to understand what the next steps would be to bring it to Honduras. 1) I know it has to be in Spanish …do I need to find translators or coders to do this? 2) The hardware, who provides it? 3) Internet providers? 4) energy providers? …Please guide me …thank you!

@mehandal Hi, Maria. There are many ways to do it, but the order of things would probably look something like this:

  • Decide which of the 5 software solutions to use, and figure out which technology was used for building that software.
  • Get help from a programmer (or programmers) who has experience working with that particular type of technology.
  • Have the programmer modify the code so that it works for the Spanish language. At https://github.com/XPRIZE you will see that each team has a "LOCALIZE.md" file which outlines the necessary steps for adding support for a new language.
  • You could also reach out to the team whose software you end up selecting, and ask if they would be willing to invest resources (e.g. engineering time) into adding support for the Spanish language.

    excellent! Thank you!

    I’m happy to help anytime. I just need someone to point me in the right direction. I have over 23 years experience in engineering. You can find me on LinkedIn.

    This is one of the best projects I have heard of In along time.

    @CDavies Thats great, thank you! Perhaps you could help Maria with the Spanish localization?

    Hi @jonobacon ! I would love to be able to promote this community. Are there any video links or picture that I could put on social media for other people to check out?