Next Pandemic

The situation of COVID-19 in India is getting dramatically worse… As of today, COVID-19 had infected ~150 million people and caused more than 3 million deaths.

Many efforts had brought us useful weapons to battle with COVID-19, but as viruses are changing, new waves of this pandemic as well as other new pandemics are lingering threats.

While for bacteria, CARB-X had funded $325 million in 86 projects for pre-clinical and early development pipeline of antibiotics and other therapeutics, diagnostics, microbiome and vaccines, do you think there will be some technical fast tracks to help better suppress pandemics caused by viruses from happening in the future and deserving a XPRIZE? Or, unfortunately no?

The suggestion is partially overlapping with:
Rapid and Precise Diagnostics
Drug Development and Approval

Hi @albertconejero, @hol7001, @cepedus, @rbilleci, @sharare_zehtabian, @dobreovidiu, @mitjal, @jakeman792, @gloriosoc, @coronasurveys, @DataScienceNigeria, @Agent_Aslan, @NV123, @gandomi, @alberg, @Raul, @LnB51451, @vanessah, @sahoo00, @EEJD - As you all have participated in the Pandemic Response Challenge - What do you think about the urgency to come up with a solution to avoid future pandemics?

Do you feel XPRIZE should focus on this topic for its next XPRIZE? if yes please vote for this topic or else add a new topic of your choice, which you feel is more important than this.


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I do believe the urgency to come up with a solution for future pandemics.
We are working in this field. We have developed an invariant host response to all viral pandemics. The paper is now accepted in EBioMedicine.

We hope a focus on this topic is useful.

@crointel, @sahoo00 -
There was a similar DARPA competition in 2014-2015 -

“The goal of the CHIKV Challenge was to develop means for making accurate forecasts of where and when the virus occurs because such intelligence would help governments and health organizations take more effective proactive steps to limit the spread of CHIKV. Thirty-eight teams from around the world vied to develop the most accurate predictions of CHIKV cases for all Western Hemisphere countries and territories between September 2014 and March 2015.”

But obviously there is still much room for improvement, as 2020 has made painfully clear.

I think this is an excellent topic for a sub-domain: “The next pandemic - and what to do about it”.

@sahoo00 - Welcome to the community! Glad to know your are working in this field and thanks for sharing the paper. Very insightful. Please vote for this topic (by clicking on the vote button next to the title of the discussion). What are your plans ahead?

I already voted. Our paper is accepted last Friday. Once, it is published
we are hoping to showcase the application of these tools in various cases. Another paper is submitted to tackle MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children) a new emerging disease in children because of COVID-19. We can quickly deploy these tools to identify which drug will be effective for the Indian variant.

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Hi @Salma and @salarcon - What are your thoughts on suppress pandemics caused by viruses from happening in the future? Is there a way out?

Congratulations on the upcoming publication(s)!

Do you have any statistics on MIS-C? Maybe we should target this disease instead of COVID-19?

@dhart, welcome to the XPRIZE Community! I wonder what your thoughts on this discussion are?

MIS-C stats:

Last updated with cases reported to CDC on or before March 29, 2021:



Yes. I was part of the PRC as well and are continuing out development.

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@Agent_Aslan - Welcome to the community! Glad to know you are continuing your development. I am sure you would have some thoughts on how we could avoid future pandemics. We would love to hear any inputs you may have on this topic.

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