Mouth Nano-Chip

A ‘tracker’ that is inside the patients’ mouths recording and reporting on what foods are being consumed, their nutrition facts, health impacts etc. It could be connected to doctors who track outcomes in real time.

Taken a step further: engineer the human tongue to prefer the taste of nutrition.

Would it not be a little late by the time the food is in the mouth? Tracking is OK, and good for retrospect, but not for best health.

Back to my comments on the Fitbit, I believe we will have the replicator in the future (even my lifetime) that will make ideal, optimized food for us. We’re not all the way there yet, but I like these folks…

We still need to come up with the materials in sustainable ways, and durable forms. I am betting on small things to do that work (microbial conversions, duckweed, algae).

@josephjjames, @Erika, I’d be interested in your thoughts on this potential breakthrough as well. Do you think this is something worth pursuing?

An interesting and informative read: