Most urgent languages for localization

What do you think are the most urgent, high-impact languages for localization?

Spanish!!! Tell me how I can help!!

For reference, here are the numbers from UNESCO’s fact sheet from 2016:

Out-of-school children of primary school age

  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 34 million
  • Southern Asia: 10 million
  • Eastern and South-Eastern Asia: 7 million
  • Northern Africa and Western Asia: 5.8 million
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: 3 million

used in iran ,afganestan ,tajikestan .

Can localisation be done by third party or should the organizations such as OneBillion or KItkit get involved? If it requires their involvement , what would be the level of support required and how can we get on their strategy plan?

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Please see @MarjanM’s questions above regarding localization and advise/get in touch!

Hello all,

Eugine from Enuma (team Kitkit School) here. Thank you for your inquiry and work to get Kitkit School to more children.

As Kitkit School is an open source software, there is no requirement to involve us. However, as the original creator of Kitkit School (as we are also having conversations with various potential partners for localization), we would appreciate being informed about any efforts. If the effort aligns with our priorities and resources, we would be open to considering collaborating.

Regardless of whether organizations/companies chose to notify/involve us, please note that although the software is open sourced, Kitkit and Enuma are registered trademarks of Enuma. This means that any localized version of Kitkit School cannot include Kitkit in the name of the product. Please refer to the guideline which will soon be available on our Github repository.

Thank you.


@MarjanM Hi, Marjan. Note that the GitHub repository of each team (except CCI) contains a file which outlines the required steps for localizing their software into another language:

  • onebillion:
  • Kitkit:
  • Chimple:
  • RoboTutor:

So we recommend you take a look at those instructions first, and then determine whether or not you or your organization possess the necessary technical resources.

If the information in any of those files is unclear, please let us know.

Hi @echurch I know this might be a lot of work. But maybe through systems like AWS or other translator services you can find people that want to dedicate time towards passion projects and help the service become available in maybe the most common 25 - 50 languages. But I believe that making it available in even the ten most common languages, will give the information the potential to travel to all corners of the world.