Measurement and reporting = area of collaboration between teams?


Measurement yes

I’m just thinking…

…maybe there is a way for teams to "just do the CO2 removal job", while some other teams focus purely on measurement?

Otherwise it’s a "kind of" waste of resources, measurement is a big project in itself.

I suggest the following:

focus on CO2 removals, the measurement will come

Snippets below are from from the draft:



Teams shall have no right to observe other teams’ testing or evaluation, or to be informed of other teams’ calculations, measurements, and results, unless such information is made publicly available by XPRIZE, or by a team choosing to release their own data publicly.

$50m is a big main prize but I still believe there is loads of room for collaboration.

Keyword: “collabathon”

Collaboration + Hackathon

Page 27 of the current version:

Maybe I’m too idealistic but I still believe it would be worthwhile to encourage knowledge-sharing sessions and acqui-merge-hire arragements between teams working on similar solutions.