Jing-Jin-Ji Air Pollution

Hello all,

Part of my current research has focused on sources of air pollution in the Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei region of China. The region is industrially active and heavily populated, and also serves as a petri dish for Chinese regulators given its outsized role in government and the economy. What other papers or experts are out there that could further our understanding of air pollution in northeast China? What are the primary and secondary drivers of the region’s air pollution and what is being done to try and fix it? What is working and what isn’t? What are some of the novel approaches to correcting air pollution in China?


I have a patented solution to deal with indoor pollution. I designed a drone based device, measures 8"x 4" ( 20cm x 10cm ) small autopilot drone. Under the drone there is a system of TIo2 charged plates and with UV irritated tube and Ions generator and O3 generator. User can command the drone remotely and watch its action live when he is away from home. The drone takes off and shower the rooms with negative Ions which attach to polluted air particulates. Polluted air participated to ground due to extra ions. TIo2 converts bad air and bacteria to harmless Co2 and water. And O3 eliminates bad odors. By the time user return home, the rooms become free from polluted air. Also, the drone kills mosquitoes as well.