It goes without saying but "stress" will be a big obstacle for longevity and quality of life

Not only stress kills, but with unprecedentedly extending life span and socio economic structures which are not keeping up with it, it is creating enormous stresses and mortality to the elder population as well as people surrounding them.<br>
Yes, we can break it down and peel the onion to look at each drivers of stresses, but unless we find better way to deal with stress overall, quality longevity will not be achieved.

FYI - There is a word in Japan, Kaigo Satsujin which translates to family caregiver murder, which happens every other week in Japan…

A bit off topic, but this professor emeritus @ Kyushu University in Japan has unique theory for healthy habit. He does a research on dementia as well.

@“Jun Suto” Interesting points. Thank you for sharing. Reflecting on stress and it’s impact on longevity, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comes to mind, in particular around the area of food, water, and other resources that will be impacted by people living longer. If basic needs are not met this, of course, creates stress and impacts our health and well being. We’ll be taking a look at the societal impacts of longevity as well, but in the meantime two articles to share:

**How Worry and Anxiety Impact Longevity: **
And a bit about Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs:

@“Jun Suto” -
Thank you for this thoughtful notion. However, I wonder whether there are ‘appropriate’ levels of stress, below which the individual essentially stagnates and declines in mental health.

@“Jun Suto” Who’s the culprit and who’s the victim in family caregiver murder?

@SamBlake adult children killing their own aging parents…