Is there a need for a hardware challenge?

In some instances, communities may get the software by downloading an app. In others, a dedicated learning device would be a preferred mode of delivery. We would love to see something that communities - especially in remote areas - could purchase that’s a sort of hardware kit. Something like a pack of 5-10 tablets, a portable solar, and a small BRCK or other hotspot for enough accessibility for data, all at an affordable price. Especially for the affordability and durability aspects, is there a need for a hardware challenge? Or is it a matter of partnering with the right people?

Hi @echurch ! I hope its a problem of partnering with the right people, because if it were possible for everyone to have access to hardware…then the software. I believe it would allow for a revolution. People in remote area’s getting the ability to learn what even the most privilege person gets to learn, has to have the potential to catapult society into a better place. There is already brilliant ideas in the world, but there is definitely no market cap to how many the world needs right now hahaha.

Would love your thoughts ?? but thank you for giving me the platform to respond to such a relevant question!