Hello everyone, My names are Levy Nyirenda, and I am a Regional Focal Point for East and Southern Africa, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY). A Liaison for One Better Word Zambia, working for and with young people in our region, in advocacy, capacity building, Knowledge creation and Youth Action as a a bridge for an active youth engagement processes.

hello everyone, my name is Marshall Clabeaux. I am a lifelong Michigander (resident of the great lakes state of Michigan), cooperative community and energy enthusiast. I am currently working to launch Michigan Mosaic Energy Cooperative,, in Lansing, MI. We do a variety of energy and community building tasks from community gardens, upcycled laptop batteries into new storage solutions, ebikes, community solar and more!
More of my work to transition the state of Michigan into 100% renewable energy future to protect our water and lands for future generations can be found at
thanks for the work and space to share!

best, in cooperation,

Thanks @nyirendalevy and @clabeaux for the introduction.
You might have some thoughts / inputs on the latest prize directions discussions. We would love to hear your thoughts on these.

Hello, if you’re tired of all the problems with prehistoric and outdated turbine wind and water generators then the only solution known to man has been patented and introduced to the world.
100% Wildlife and Environmentally Safe and Friendly!
700% more electricity!
3 full time jobs to monitor the mass production of Electricity!
They sit in place of 1 turbine, produce 700% more Renewable Energy than Turbines are capabe of producing, Guaranteed!

I’m looking to crowdfund and am not interested in corporate investors.


Hello Everyone…I’m Anthony Mburu from Nairobi Kenya and i’m delighted to be part of this community. I have been in renewable energy since 2016- first in the solar home system space before finding my passion in battery energy storage in Tesla’s Energy division. I have since founded Enerstore Africa with a vision to contribute to driving more reliable renewable energy in the African continent. I believe that the continent would benefit most from energy storage given the abundance of solar resources juxtaposed to limited grid infrastructure. The continent has the strongest incentive to leapfrog conventional electricity networks and straight into a decentralised electricity future.
Looking forward to interacting with you all here to advance the renewable energy transition!


Hello XPRIZE-IEEE Energy community, I am Febbie Gross Kandaya, an electrical engineer based in Lilongwe Malawi. I run a renewable energy social enterprise called Divine Energy solutions. Only 11% of the Malawi population has access to electricity through the main grid. And women are the main victims of energy poverty in our country. This prompted me to study electrical engineering at Malawi Polytechnic with the goal developing energy solutions that would improve lives of women and the general population. In 2015, i joined the state broadcasting station as a general engineer involved in setting up power back up system. in 2016, joined Baobab Health Trust as a lead engineer under the
Data for health initiative being supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies targeting rural health centers in off grid communities. I was leading my team to install and maintain solar power systems in rural health centers. In 2019 i founded Divine Energy Solutions whose mission is to develop cost effective solutions that would solve energy poverty related challenges that mostly affect women in communities. These include clean energy for cooking products at household level and designing mini-grids for productive use in different enterprises in the communities. Further, i am part of Women in energy movement, an initiative that is encouraging the participation of women to be a solution and beneficiaries of renewable energy solutions for productive use at both the household and the industrial levels respectively

Looking forward to fruitful conversation

Hi @RegenTower - Thanks for giving us a solution to the outdated turbines. It would help if you would let us know more about yourself, your background and expertise. Also, we would love to see any inputs / feedbacks you have on our potential prize directions.

Hi @AnthonyMburu - Thanks for the introduction. Your expertise very well aligns with this prize requirement. Also, we agree energy storage can help overcome the variable nature of some renewable energy sources. Looking forward to your contributions in the community.

Hi @Febbie - Thanks for the introduction. Amazing work so far! Access to reliable and resilient clean energy is the biggest barriers in many developing countries. Let’s work together to overcome these barriers. We look forward to your contributions in the community.

Well I invented, designed and patented the solution for all the wind and water Renewable Energy problems, from wildlife and environment to climate, as far as freezing up. Plus WindGens produce 7xs more electricity while sitting in place of 1 turbine.
I’ve been in the field since wind farms were started, over 40 yrs ago. WindGen Tower Generators are unmatched and will always be the largest producing wind and water Renewable Energy Generators in the Industry.
I’ve done it all on my own and I’m looking for help to go Commercial and International.
I hope this is what you were talking about as far as more about me.

The Potential Prize is a wonderful portal for inspiring innovations. There seems to be many great people working for a better tomorrow, and its great to see them get a helping hand.

Thanks @RegenTower for sharing more details about yourself and the solutions developed by you.

My name is Ali from Sudan I am electromechanical engineer, graduated 30 year ago, 28 year experience with formal NEC. I am work for hydro power plants construction and operation. I work for distribution company that I am responsible for all activities at whole country. My last job that I am responsible foe elecricty sector planing for whole country. For the time being we have private business for rural electrification and renewable energy at Sudan.

Namaste, I am Sujata Vaidya from Supra Health Solutions LLP, Pune, Indua; and am working towards evidence based, research backed Natural, Ayurvedic, Integrative treatments to combat Atherosclerosis with non-invasive, oral medicaments. Our protocol is called SHARP (Sanjeevan Healrt Attack rehabilitation protocol) and we have clinically proved, with a double blind placebo controlled registered Clinical Trial that blockages, Vascular disease and heart health can be treated with these Ayurvedic medicaments (capsule SUVED, Capsule REIMMUGEN).
These medicaments will prove a boon for diabetics, persons suffering from Re-stenosis and those who need to prevent onset and complications of heart disease, atherosclerosis leading to Stroke, DVT and complications arising from Diabetes.
The hypothesis and action of these ayurvedic medicines is to resolve Intima Media (IMT thickness) evaluated with Carotic dopplar studies (pre-post) and improve cardiac strength (2D Echo and LVEF studies) within 3 months of oral treatment.

The global pandemic of covid has left a long term detrimental effect on heart health and underlying vascular related weaknesses. In another registered Clinical Trial, we saw covid victims recover faster (3 days to reach non-symptomatic status); with most of them not suffering from long term side effects. Few patients on ventilators found early relief with reduced morbidity and no mortality. The hypothesis is that these ayurvedic medicaments help the body recognize and resolve viral attacks, defend the body from viral invasive complications and prepare the immune system to protect from morbidity.

We are seeking assistance, partnerships to take these proven treatments to the masses; especially those who delay treatments due to high costs; incompatible body condition to conventional treatments, aged persons or in places where cost of treatment is too high and patients need to spend much to migrate to cities offering heart disease , stroke, DVT treatments.

We are a micro industry and wish to reach our to every such needy patient.

Thanks @Ali for introducing yourself. We look forward to your contributions in the community.

@sujata - Thanks for joining the community and sharing details of the treatment you are working on. In this project we are designing a prize to drive breakthrough concepts towards new systems for the equitable and resilient generation, storage, transmission, and distribution of renewable energy.

You should join Pandemic Alliance, where you would be able to seek the desired assistance and partnerships opportunities.

Thank you Shashi, I will reach out to that page too.

Thank you for inviting me into the XPRIZE community. Currently I am instructing Business and Environmental Sustainability at the American University of Armenia. Until recently I was the Deputy Minister of Environment of Armenia and was serving as one of the Directors on the Board of the Green Climate Fund. I also served as Armenia’s focal point to the UNFCCC convention and was the country’s chief climate negotiator. I hold a PhD from the University of Cambridge in Political Science and an MA from the Diplomatic Academy of London.

Thanks @Irina for the introduction. Awesome background. We look forward to your contributions in the community.

We have a new poll in the community on the prize direction. Please votefor the direction in which you feel that innovation in that area would have maximum impact globally.

Aaron Berger is a research scientist specializing in pattern recognition, domestic and foreign current events, and technology trends. A core belief of his is that there is always a solution. He serves as a strategic advisor to individuals and organizations interested in finding important solutions to difficult problems. In his effort to help others see a more systemic perspective, his research methods break down problems into their foundational elements, analysis of which yields new angles and novel solutions.

Experience includes government relations, high-level representation and negotiation, systems-thinking, scenario planning, learning transfer, and other research skills. Broadly, he focuses on global catastrophic risks, national security, and geopolitical spillover events, with more of his recent work assisting in solving the climate crisis. In addition to serving the Rainey Center as special advisor, he is Head of Research for Sharemeister, chair for the NEXUS Working Group on Energy Innovation & Environment, an international advisor for the Sunrise Movement, and Director of Research and Policy for The Oceans Funders Initiative.

Dear all, Nice to meet you here. My name is Guangya Yang, I am senior researcher at the Technical University of Denmark. I obtained PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia in 2008 afterwards joined Technical University of Denmark as postdoctoral fellow, researcher, and later associate professor. I was also working full time for Ørsted for one year as specialist on electrical design, control, and protection of large offshore wind farms. My research field is security, stability and protection of power systems, with focus on offshore wind applications. I am a member of IEC TC88 and TC8, and a senior member of IEEE. I has received numerous research grants where the recent one is H2020 MSCA ITN project InnoCyPES (2021-2025) where I act as coordinator. I am currently leading the editorial board of the IEEE Access Power and Energy Society Section, and is editorial board member of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, and Journal of Modern Power System and Clean Energy. I am also founder of InnoRenewables, a start-up company with focus on consultancy in renewable energy.