Please introduce yourself to the community here!

Hi Everyone! My name is Matt and I am so excited to have the opportunity to become a part of this community. I am currently in my last gap year before I attend medical school next year and I have huge passion for science / innovation. The preservation of the Ocean holds a deep spot in my heart and I would love to be able to combat climate change for all organisms in the world. Overall, I don’t have to much expertise in any specific fields yet, but I would love to contribute to any positive change for society in any way I can.

Hello everyone. I’m Min. It’s been a pleasure being here.
I have been a huge fan and supporter of XPRIZE ever since I have been fascinated with all the activities and events that XPRIZE have organized like Visioneering & XPRIZE Avatars.
I am happy to see how many people have supported and joined XPRIZE and to see who have joined the board of trustees like James Cameron, Eric Hirshberg, Dean Kamen, Ray Kurzweil, Pharrell Williams, Elon Musk, Will Wright etc.

Things I Love :heart: :
Being Forever Young, 3D Modelling, Graphic Design, Photography, Vehicle Modifications, Music, Video & Board Games, Drawing, Arts, Entertainment, Designing (Mostly Cars), Watching Cartoon & Kids’ Shows, Toys & Collectibles, Playing With LEGO, Longevity & Immortality, When People Enjoy Life, When People Are Fun-Loving, World Peace, Time Travel, Scientific Breakthroughs, Cosplays, Roleplays, Character Designs

Things I Hate ?:
When People Are No Fun, Aging/Getting Old, When Cultural Trends & Fads Become Outdated, Death, Suicide, Natural Disasters, Violence, Fact That Everyone Dies, Losing What Dears To Me, Diseases, Disabilities, Being Emotional, Having Negative Thoughts & Feelings, When People Are Bored Of Life/Don’t Enjoy Life, When People Think Of Aging Being A Good Thing Even Though In Fact It’s Not

All My Stuff=>
Sketchup: MH-T99 Official | 3D Warehouse
Deviantart: MarkHarrierT99 - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt

Hello everyone. I am Isaac Gathu, a space enthusiast and the President/Founder of the Mars Society Kenya; a non-profit organization aimed at informing the general public of the importance of taking care of the environment (in this case - Mars) and with a dream of one day being part of solving problems for humankind on Mars as we endeavor to terraform the ‘Red Planet’.

We are a Youthful community of space enthusiasts focused on the space sector through forming partnerships to either deliver individual projects, communal or those of the Kenya Space Agency.

Our hope and desire is to partnership with the government in reviving the space industry in Kenya.