Introduction, Wil Burns

Hello. I’m the Co-Director of the [Institute) for Carbon Removal Law & Policy](, in the School of International Service at American University; we are an offshoot of the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment at American. Our Institute is not engaged in R&D on CDR/NETs options, but rather focuses on issues of governance, public deliberation/education, and development of pertinent metrics for assessment of efficacy and sustainability. Among the resources that we do maintain at our website that may be pertinent to researchers includes a bibliography on CDR/NETs with more than 7100 citations. My [most) recent piece]( on ocean-based CDR options, in conjunction with Greg Rau at UC-Santa Cruz, was posted today by The Conversation.

My own work focuses primarily on legal issues associated with CDR/NETs. I look forward to learning from all of you about developments in this critical field. wil

Thank you Wil! @jiwlp Have you seen our new discussion on the National Academies study (re: Oceans)?: