Internet of Food

Today’s siloed food system creates huge opportunities to use connected, smart data to drive food to best and highest value. (Whether for people, animals, or energy.)

What problems will be solved with this prize? What breakthroughs will solve these problems?

    Improve food security, reduce hunger Improve nutritional outcomes Prevent food waste New sources of energy Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Drive more equitable $ share Improve food safety Help farmers make better decisions about what and when to produce

What are teams required to demonstrate? How long should they be given to do so? Write down your “winning team will” statement.

    Real-time product tracking Integrate with existing systems At least map for one crop (consider highly perishables: fruit and vegetables, then meat) End-to-end protocol demonstrated for live diversion potential (whether for manufacturing into value-added product, donation animal feed, energy creation)

Key data sets TBD for movement/logistics, nutritional profile, shelf-life potential.

Prize purse: How much and why? Will there be milestone prizes in addition to the grand prize?

$12.3 million.

Milestone prize for either:

    Whole crop proof then a complex CPG product chain Simple number of chain players to a higher number of players

What is the desired impact that this prize will have on people, our planet, and the sector/industry?

    Fruit and vegetable perishability cut from 45% to 22.5% within 3-5 years. More equitable data sharing by all food system actors.

After the prize is won, how will these solutions be deployed at scale?

Scale to other value chains, products.

What barriers might exist?

Requires access and information from many stakeholders.

What “impact activities” could we run during or after the prize?

Sense of incentive design for data sharing.

We would like to invite the community to analyze this prize idea from the perspective of six stakeholder groups:

  • Finance and investment
  • Culture and activism
  • Community builders and connectors
  • Multinational corporations
  • Policymakers and regulators
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators
  • When you put yourself in the shoes in one of these groups, how might this prize idea change? Are there things you would add, amplify, or modify?