Intergenerational care: Where kids help the elderly live longer

The days of institutionalizing and separating child care and later life care are coming to an end.
Young go to school and work and often than live with people of a similar age as partners, siblings, cousins.
The other lateral generations with almost similar life patterns and trends, find themselves isolated and alone with the consequences are depression, decreased mobility, less communication and language, and higher levels of dementia and memory loss.
It should be the actually very natural occurring thing for the generations to live together and can end up equally benefiting the younger ages as well as old.

Additionally, a helpful read of “Influence of having children on mortality in old age”

@arshimehboob great thoughts! I think we must also look at the future of housing to support new ways for intergenerational living

There are old age homes which are being clubbed with toddler’s day cares

@enichols, @ohjanet and @Stefanie, this may be of particular interest to you.