Interesting TED Talk - Reusing old phones to help monitor illegal logging

Hi all! Here’s an interesting TED Talk on using tech for the rainforests - in this case, turning old cell phones into devices that can monitor chainsaw noise, and help prevent illegal logging:

Do you have any other TED talks or presentations on Rainforest preservation that you find to be really striking? What do you think about tech solutions for the rainforest?

Thanks Nick! The combination of repurposed tech, engineering and real-time big data analysis is fascinating. I’d like to learn more about the current constraints to scaling this solution, and what is the cost.

A similarly minded organization, Open Acoustics, has designed a the AudioMoth (LINK HERE) which sells for ~$50 USD. The AudioMoth is smaller and has some similar use cases, however it’s not solar-powered and does not transmit its data.

Multiple publications have stated this is “the only real time detection solution for illegal logging”. Is that true? Has anyone in the expert community heard of other “real-time detection” technologies to prevent illegal logging?