There are thousands of programs going on around the world, but no meaningful information management. I just had a look, and it seems like the V18 Wiki pages are gone now. If someone at XP has access to them still, there was a TON of info loaded into the page for Feeding the Next Billion. I probably spent 30 hours populating that. Anyway, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food has a program called “True Cost Accounting”. We need to use data capture and analysis tools at the nexus of food, energy, water and health. So many programs in motion, so much waste of overlap and duplication. The future of food will be radically different.

Good points! I will try to get a few data analysts/scientists in the community to give us their point of view on this and possibly help us identify solutions.

@ACESChris I’ll follow-up with HeroX about the wiki pages; we might also have some of the materials saved locally, I’ll check.

@ACESChris you might be able to retrieve the missing information via the Internet archive: Wayback Machine at

thanks @akb and @ACESChris - i was able to work with HeroX to retrieve all the wiki info. our team is processing and will definitely use as components of our research. thank you!