Individualized Play to Motivate Better Health Outcomes


By using technologies like virtual, augmented and holographic realities, together with gamification elements, users would be able to experience multiple potential futures for their bodies and minds, in a way that will motivate them to create a better future for themselves.


Many longevity treatments rely on a user’s motivation and adherence to the prescribed lifestyle, diet and/or activity. As many people lack the willpower to maintain healthy habits, a tool that could enhance intrinsic motivation to do so could have impressive effects on their healthspan . It could, for example, bring to many the benefits of caloric restriction and physical exercise, or at the very least - healthier and more balanced diets.

Relevant Technologies and Techniques

    Sensors 5G internet (for data sharing) Crowdsourcing (for funding and data collection) Open source (for data sharing) Personalization of treatments Gamification Virtual reality Holographic displays Citizen science Social robotics

@DidierC, @dw2 and @Jerome, this is one of the breakthroughs that was developed at the lab. I would be interested to read your thoughts on it. Do you think it’s audacious enough to potentially become an XPRIZE competition? How critical is it to achieving radical life extension?

I think this one is lacking AI as a technology that will produce those images of people aged and etc. I can clearly see how generative models, such as GANs are plugging in here.

@celinehh, @blreitze, @GlobalFuturist, @dr2tom, you may be interested in this ideas well.

Do you think this would be enough of a breakthrough to achieve radical life extension?