Impact Partnerships

What individuals or organizations would be good for XPRIZE to partner with in order to realize our highest impact aims for this prize?

What value could we provide them and what value could they provide us?

Please share your recommendations here!

I would recommend connecting with major water consortia for objective consultation of metrics. NAWI, the new U.S. DOE-supported water hub is a good example (Mission — National Alliance for Water Innovation).

Thank you, @SethDarling!

@csadoff, @AquaDoc, @CoreySwitzer, @engrthakur, do you have any recommendations?

I concur with @SethDarling, and might suggest perhaps contacting those who were also ranked very high / recommended through this DOE competition as they are likely to be good ideas/suggestions/projects that they proposed.

In addition, perhaps consider reaching out to the Global Water Research Coalition’s managing director (Stéphanie Rinck-Pfeiffer). Assuming your/XPrize team discussions go well, she could then poll the GWRC Board members - who represent a number of major water research organizations (I used to be on their Board several years ago) on some key aspects/questions, and help promote the prize competition in their countries. If you have not already done so, perhaps consider contacting Dhesigen Naidoo, Executive Director of the Water Research Commission of South Africa, and Harry Seah of Singapore PUB (Public Utilities Commission). They’re both on the GWRC Board.

In the US, both the CEC (California Energy Commission) and NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority) may offer additional insights.

Thank you, @apramanik!

@OctopusGarden, @bramberkelmans, @hermanowicz, @serinity, do you have any other recommendations for us?

Conscious Company Media might be a good place to start. There is also the House of Beautiful Business, based in Lisbon. These organizations are innovative in their approaches and may be open to what you are working on. These are rough ideas, but worth evaluating.

Thank you @SethDarling, @apramanik, and @serinity for these valuable recommendations! We’ve been in touch with some of the experts and organizations you suggested but not all.

Sincerely appreciate your support as always.

@Caroline you are very welcome. Feel free to reach out if I can be of further assistance.

@Caroline - glad to help advance a great & much needed competition! Feel free to contact me for any additional help.

Contribution to SDG 6
Resource recovery (water, energy, fertilizer, nutrients…)
Circular economy (SDG 12)
Scaleable technology to service a community

Audacious but achievable targets:
Designing an economically feasible (low life cycle costs) and environmental friendly technology
Adaptable, flexible, and/or versatile technology
Novel design


  • IWA Non sewered sanitation systems - contact Christopher Buckley (+27 (0)82 806-7251/ +27 (0)31 260-3131 &
  • Water research commission of South Africa SASTEP and WADER programs - contact Manjusha Sunil ( or Dhesigen Naidoo ( - water research, incubator of water technologies
  • Municipalities/cities/towns that use reclaimed water worldwide - Windhoek, California, Beaufort West, Jordan and etc already reclaiming water
  • International standard organisation (ISO) /ANSI - developed the ISO30500 for non sewered sanitation systems (NSSS) which regulates the design and effluent standards of NSSS and other technologies
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - already funding and partnered with a number of stakeholders worldwide to promote technologies that support achieving SDG6 for LIC
  • World intellectual Property Organisation, African regional intellectual Property organisation, European Patent Office, United States Patent and Trademark Office ... to check if the designed technology exists
  • Local universities in the participants country of residence